"Psst… Hey Zed… You think you could use your shadow-thing and grab a cupcake for you and I? Caitlyn made a new batch and she got real mad at me last time… You’re all sneaky so you should be able to do it!"

Zed: What would you give in return?


Hey Zed, do you think Nocturne is you from a dark and twisted future?

Embrace the darkness

Zed: Perhaps in another timeline. After all, if it were me, I wouldn’t allow myself to be shackled to serve summoners. 


( Stalks Akali and Zed) hue hue hue

Ahri: Do you hear something?

//Dual Assassin senses tingling

askfrostedezreal, sometimes what we’re looking for will turn up in the most unexpected of places…

//All the Ionians want to keep your fluffy pet ;D be careful where you lose him ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦

ask-quinn-valor asked:
"Hey there, what do you guys think of Valor and I?"





Stood in front of a door clearly labelled ‘Piltover and Ionia ask service’, Syndra was quickly rethinking this whole idea. Karma’s in there. Irelia is in there. She poised her hand at the door.


yup never mind she chickened out and turned on heel, deciding her mun can go screw herself in her attempts to get Syndra to be social.

However, after walking a few steps she was met by a tray of cupcakes which splattered everywhere, as she collided with a returning sheriff of Piltover.

Caitlyn had just returned from delivering her baked goods to fellow neighbors, when she had stumbled upon the Dark Sovereign at her front door. If it were Irelia, a battle would have surely ensued, however Caitlyn was not aware of Syndra’s past. To her, mostly everyone around Ionia were peaceful people.

"Oh dear! are you alright?" She asked, extending her hand.



"This is an interesting managerie… You even have a clone of mine. Is there any tension around this place?"

Zed: We’re not all present at the same time, as many of us are summoned to the Rift. However it isn’t uncommon to find ourselves amidst a hostile environment. 


Why is Irelia after Zed?


Syndra glanced from over her temples stone wall to the lush fields below her before wrighting out her very short letter.

"Ionia… sometimes i miss being on it’s grounds instead of in it’s airs. Tell me, why do you ionian’s value balance so much Irelia?"

With that, she sealed it up and sent it off.